My circuits show alarms on the Web Dashboard. What do I do?

One of the major advantages to being a Bigleaf customer is the data we provide you about your connections through our Web Dashboard. There, you can see what Bigleaf is really doing for you and the issues it makes invisible to you as an end user by prioritizing and optimizing your traffic across your connections.

Connectivity problems on a circuit are shown on the Web Dashboard as alarms. Alarms range from 0 (no alarm) to 7 (circuit conditions have rendered it useless or it's down). Many non-SLA circuits, such as cable, DSL, or even low-grade fiber connections, will show connectivity issues through minor alarms on a regular basis. SLA'd connections should theoretically be more stable and show fewer alarms -- although this can vary from site to site.

If you have a circuit that shows alarms but your internet connectivity through Bigleaf appears to be functioning properly, then it is likely that everything is working as expected -- Bigleaf is smoothing out the underlying problems before they get to you. However, if you are experiencing issues—whether or not you are seeing alarms, ask our support to take a look and we can let you know what is going on.

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