Will Bigleaf cause increased Latency?

Often times, yes there can be a small increase. All of your traffic will be tunneled through our gateway clusters to ensure that Failover and Dynamic QoS works seamlessly. These clusters are located in core Internet peering exchanges to keep latency to a minimum. You can expect a latency increase of up to 40ms, although 5-15ms is typical. It depends on where you’re located and where your traffic is going. The most important question is, how will latency affect your applications? All WAN or Internet based applications are designed to perform properly with some latency, but will start to degrade above about 100ms-150ms. Bigleaf adds a tiny bit of baseline latency but protects you from the larger latency spikes that could impact your application performance. Our algorithms are carefully tuned, and will typically adapt to protect your traffic against spikes of 15ms or greater latency beyond the baseline.

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