How fast will my Internet be with Bigleaf?

The goal of the Bigleaf service is to provide the best possible performance with the available Internet resources (circuits), and to provide peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about Internet performance or uptime. Because of that you may see slower speed test results at times than you would without the Bigleaf service. The results of speed tests depend on various factors, including which circuit or circuits the traffic is load-balanced on to by the Bigleaf algorithms, the performance of each circuit at that moment in time, and the overhead of the Bigleaf system tunnels. The Bigleaf tunnels take up approximately 10% of the available speed on each circuit, and additional throughput reductions may occur if circuit performance is poor. However, if all circuits are working well you should generally see at least 90% of the rated speed of the fastest circuit when performing a speed test (averaged over several tests). Additionally, in normal use with multiple traffic types (web browsing, email, VoIP, etc) your traffic will be evenly balanced across all appropriate circuits for the most efficient utilization.

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