A site is offline

Description - A Bigleaf site is offline without internet access.

Indicators of this issue - The Bigleaf Web Dashboard shows all ISP circuits are offline. Users at the site do not have any internet access, or applications or devices at the site report no internet or network connectivity.

Potential Causes

  • ISP circuits are down due to maintenance or issues in ISP network(s)

  • Power outage at the site

  • Inclement weather or other environmental issues affecting the ISP or site connectivity

  • LAN issues, such as firewall, routers, switches, or wireless network issues are impairing connectivity to the Bigleaf router

Tests and Solutions

  • Confirm that there is power to all potentially affected network devices, then verify that known good network cabling and connectivity is used between potentially affected network devices.

  • Verify the network path from either outside the site by tracing to the Bigleaf-provided LAN network IP addresses, or verify the network path by tracing from a user device / PC on LAN to an internet destination (such as

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