Using SFP modules with Bigleaf routers

Most Bigleaf routers support high-speed fiber connections using a small form-factor pluggable (SFP) module. The module connects your fiber cable to a square-shaped Bigleaf router SFP port and helps provide fast communication on a fiber network. Some Bigleaf routers are shipped with SFP modules, although you can use your own.

An SFP module can be a standard size, with speeds up to 1 Gbps, or an SFP+ that accommodates speeds of 10 Gbps or more. Most Bigleaf router models can be used with an SFP, though some routers can only use the standard size SFP, for example, the BLR 108. See the table below for a list of supported SFP modules.

Here are some general guidelines for using an SFP module with Bigleaf routers:

  • The same size SFP module must be used on each end of the cable. For example, 10Gbps SFP+ modules can’t negotiate with 1Gbps SFP standard modules on the same cable.
  • You can’t connect an SFP module into an Ethernet port and an SFP port for the same interface on the router at the same time.
  • You can’t connect an ethernet cable directly into an SFP port. You must use an SFP or SFP+ transceiver that enables an ethernet cable to be used with an SFP port.
  • 1Gbps SFPs do not work in the Bigleaf 10Gbps SFP+ ports, which are not backward compatible on the Bigleaf routers.
  • A multi-mode SFP module must be used with multi-mode fiber, and single-mode SFP module must be used with single-mode fiber.

Supported SFP modules

The following table lists the SFP module models we’ve tested and support with the specified Bigleaf routers. Other MSA (multi-source agreement) compliant optics modules may also work with the Bigleaf routers.

SFP Vendor

SFP Model Name




Supported Bigleaf  Model


FTLF1318P2BCL Single

1310 nm













1G BLR-108
Fiberxon FTM-8012C-SLG Multi 850nm 1G BLR-108
FINISAR FTLX1471D3BCL Single 1310nm 10G BLR-112
FS SFP-10GSR-85 Multi 850nm 10G BLR-112
FINISAR FTLX8571D3BCL Multi 850nm 10G BLR-112
FINISAR FTLX8574D3BCL Multi 850nm 10G BLR-112
FINISAR FTLX8574D3BCV Multi 850nm 10G BLR-112
AVAGO AFBR-709SMZ Multi 850nm 10G BLR-112

The BLR-108 router supports only 1Gbps SFP modules.

The BLR-112 router supports only 10Gbps SFP+ modules. Bigleaf provides SFP+ modules for this router. If using a different SFP module, Bigleaf Support can check the router logs after it’s connected to see if it is a supported transceiver. The router port lights also indicate if an SFP is supported; if the light is illuminated, the SFP+ is compatible with the router.

Supported fiber cables

The table below shows different types of fiber cables and what they support. Bigleaf recommends using Aqua colored fiber cables with our devices.



For additional questions about using SFP modules with your Bigleaf router, contact our Support team.

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