Newly added circuits do not come online

Description - A new ISP circuit is not online. It is connected to the Bigleaf router and is configured in the Bigleaf Web Dashboard.

Indicators of this issue - A circuit that is offline will show level-7 loss alarms for upload and download traffic on the Health Alarm Levels chart in the Performance tab of the Bigleaf Web Dashboard. In the picture below, the orange line at the top indicates level-7 download packet loss, and the red line at the bottom indicates level-7 upload packet loss.



Potential Causes

  • The circuit is configured with incorrect IP addressing information in the Bigleaf Web Dashboard.

  • The cable between the Bigleaf router and the ISP equipment is bad or is not connected properly.

  • The ISP equipment is not powered on.

  • The ISP equipment has not been activated or configured by the ISP.

Tests and Solutions

  • Verify that there is power to the ISP equipment.

  • Ensure known good network cables are used to connect the Bigleaf router with ISP equipment.

  • Verify the IP address information that is configured in the Bigleaf Web Dashboard is correct.

  • If the above steps don’t solve the issue, test connectivity of the ISP without Bigleaf:

    • Connect a laptop directly to the ISP circuit or equipment directly with the IP address configuration provided by ISP.

    • Verify and test internet connectivity through the ISP circuit.

    • If this test doesn’t work, the ISP circuit is probably offline, and you should contact the ISP for help.

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