Services that rely on geolocation do not work

Description - A user accessing a website or application reports incorrect geolocation information.

Indicators of this issue - Location information reported by a website, internet service, or application is significantly inaccurate (greater than 30 miles).

Potential Causes

  • IP geolocation is provided by a number of vendors who sell databases of geolocation records, it is not provided by ISPs or other service providers like Bigleaf. Outdated records or other reporting may have influenced IP geolocation feeds to show the incorrect location(s).

Tests and Solutions

  • Bigleaf Support can update records to influence IP geolocation information.

    • Contact Bigleaf Support with the request to update records, and we will pursue updates with the relevant IP geolocation provider. It may take up to a week for the update to propagate to any website or application using IP geolocation for location services.

  • Submit an “Update Location” request to Google at the very bottom of any Google Search result from a web browser.

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