Bandwidth usage is too high for a metered circuit

Description - A metered ISP circuit is consuming too much bandwidth. Typically these are LTE or cellular circuits with a data plan.

Indicators of this issue - On the Bigleaf Web Dashboard Performance charts, the metered ISP circuit shows a high amount of utilization.

Potential Causes

  • The metered ISP circuit is set to Load Balancing or Avoid circuit type.

  • Unstable primary ISP circuits set to Load Balancing or Avoid are going offline too often, causing a Backup Only metered ISP circuit to be used too often.

Tests and Solutions

  • Change the metered ISP circuit to Backup Only circuit usage if it is not already configured.

  • If a Backup Only circuit is being used too often, resolve the ongoing issues with the primary ISP circuits. See the topic “A circuit has packet loss or latency”.

  • Backup Only circuits will consume approximately 2.5GB of bandwidth per month by default due to Health Monitoring packets. Any metered circuit should at the very least be provisioned for >2.5GB.

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