Circuit alarms are too noisy

Description - Too many low Risk monitoring alerts that seem unnecessary or can be ignored as determined by customer or site administrator.

Indicators of this issue - A site has a circuit that has packet loss or latency issues (known or otherwise) causing many alerts to be sent.

Potential Causes

  • The circuit may have a real problem that needs to be resolved.

  • The customer’s Account alert destination may be configured to be overly sensitive. A circuit alert email is sent to a customer when a circuit’s Health Alarm Levels detect a condition that the customer’s account is configured to receive an alert for. Depending on their configuration, this email could be in the form of a Legacy Alert (stating alarm levels 1-7) or a Risk Alert (stating Low, Medium, or High Risk, or Site Down).

Tests and Solutions

  • Try creating a Risk Alert Override:

    • Risk alert overrides can be created to silence alerts for certain types of circuits or to change the risk setting for them, for example, to consider an outage as a low-priority alert. This is on the Company page under the Risks tab. You need to create an override for each specific alert type and/or specific circuit types (such as a cellular or back-up circuit type).

  • Temporarily silence site alerts if needed:

    • If the alerts are being triggered by intentional customer maintenance on their Bigleaf equipment, for example taking it offline to move devices around, you can disable site alerts during that time on the Site Configuration tab of the Bigleaf Web Dashboard. Be sure to re-enable the site alerts when the work is completed.

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