A new site has no LAN connectivity to the internet

Description - Users and applications hosted at the site cannot connect to the internet, cloud applications, or websites.

Indicators of this issue - There is very little or no throughput seen in the site’s Overall chart on the Performance tab in the Bigleaf Web Dashboard.

Potential Causes

  • Routing issues or incorrect default route used on the LAN firewall or router.

  • Cables are not connected properly. There can be many cables required when installing the Bigleaf Standard Availability or High Availability service.

  • LAN network devices and configurations were not migrated from old legacy IP addresses to new Bigleaf-provided IP addresses.

  • LAN clients, users, or applications are unable to properly resolve hostnames due to a DNS issue.

Tests and Solutions

  • Perform a full audit and reconfiguration of all services and applications from legacy IP addresses to the new Bigleaf-provided IP addresses.

  • Refer to the topic “LAN devices cannot resolve DNS hostnames” for DNS related reconfiguration and issues.

  • On your LAN (downstream from the Bigleaf router on the LAN port) firewall or router, ensure your default route or static route to the internet is set to the IP address in the “Default Gateway” field from the LAN Networks section of the Configuration tab of the Bigleaf Web Dashboard, or your Bigleaf Configuration Card that came with your Bigleaf equipment.

  • Verify that the cables are connected as shown in the Bigleaf Installation Guide that was included with the equipment (Documentation and Datasheets Resources).

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