Network services like VPNs or websites are not working

Description - Users and applications are unable to connect using a VPN client, or internal routing over a site-to-site VPN tunnel has failed or is intermittent.

Indicators of this issue - VPN clients fail to connect. Application access or monitoring is down.

Potential Causes

  • VPN client configurations are using old DNS records or IP addresses for the VPN server or internal applications.

  • Site-to-site VPN configuration or firewall policy has not been updated to use the new Bigleaf-provided IP addresses.

  • Internal websites, monitoring tools, or applications were not migrated from old legacy IP addresses to new Bigleaf-provided IP addresses.

Tests and Solutions

  • Perform a full audit and reconfiguration of all services and applications from legacy IP addresses to the new Bigleaf-provided IP addresses.

  • Refer to the topic “LAN devices cannot resolve DNS hostnames” for DNS related reconfiguration and issues.

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